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Elev8 Sherbet Cream Cake Fem 6 pk


Genetics: E85 x RS11
Type: Indica Hybrid
Flowering: 9 Weeks
Yield: Good

Characteristics: Fruity/Gassy

In stock

In stock


E85 is a limited edition hybrid strain from Grandiflora Genetics. It’s a rare and exotic creation that combines the best of both Super Lemon Cherry Gelato and Runtz. E85 has a fruity and dessert-like aroma, with dense pungent nugs that are rich with a musky fuel. 

RS11 from Doja Pak, also known as Rainbow Sherbet #11, is an indica dominant hybrid. It’s packed with super sweet and fruity goodness, with citrus, and a touch of pine with gas. It’s followed by a sweet and spicy aroma that enhances the overall experience. Her blue/green nugs are dense, fluffy, and covered in frost.

Sherbet Cream Cake has beefy buds, and stacks really well. Loud fruity, gassy, goodness permeates from this amazing cross!