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Elev8 Strawberry Sugar Fem 6 pk


Genetics: Strawberry Cough x OMFG

Type: Hybrid
Flowering: 8-9 Weeks
Yield: High

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OMFG is a brilliant cross of Runtz and Red Pop by Exotic Genetix. It’s a banger that checks all the boxes. It is a vigorous grower with fat, frosty buds that reek of loud strawberry candy. Its hard to find a strain that offers yield for the commercial grower and at the same time has taste, frost for the connoisseur but this surely one that will please all. 
Strawberry Cough is a classic strain that is hard to find. When Strawberry Cough was at its peak in popularity, there were several cuts that were going around. There was the cut that most people had and the cut that everybody wanted but had a hard time finding a grower that would give it out. After years of searching, we were able to obtain the prized cut of Strawberry Cough. The terpenes are pure, unmistakable LOUD strawberries. 
We have wanted to make the perfect strawberry strain for years and now its here!