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Elev8 White Stank Fem 6 pk


Genetics: GMO x White Truffle
Type: Hybrid
Flowering: 8-9 Weeks
Yield: High
GMO Cookies is renowned for its knock-out potency and eye-watering gassy garlic funk terpenes.

In stock

In stock


White Truffle has a reputation for being insanely frosty, with bag appeal that few strains can match. While many strains that are known for being exceptionally frosty are not great yielders, White Truffle is also a vigorous grower that yields well. While the breeder of White Truffle is unknown, it is generally considered to be a unique phenotype of Gorilla Butter. The terpene profile is said to be reminiscent of diesel and apricot. We chose to use White Truffle as a strain to breed with so it could contribute to its uber-frostiness, yield, and vigor.