Ethos Genetics Banana Daddy R1 Fem 10pk


BANANA DADDY R1GRAND DADDY PURP x BANANA HAMMOCK R1STATS:Variety: Fem PhotoFlowering Time: 56-60 DaysYield: AverageTAC: 25-30%TERPENES:Fruit Stripe GumGasolineSkunky SpiceFYI:Banana Daddy R1 smells like the best road-trip pit-stop: fruit stripe gum and gasoline. Fast trigger both indoors and outside makes this one great for earlier finishing crops.Fast Flowering TimePungent TerpenesThrives Indoors & OutdoorsChunky & DenseFEATURES:

  • Medium-height, with strong lateral branching.
  • Chunky, dense flowers scattered all around this round bush.
  • Medium-short internodes and heavy stacking.
  • Available in packs of 5 or 10.

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