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Ethos Genetics GMO Zkittles Reg 17 pk


GMO Zkittlez F1
• 17 Regular M/F Seeds
• Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
• Yield:  Above average
• Enormous Potential
• CBD: 1%
• CBG: 2-3%
• Terpenes: Heavy Chem D terps with gasoline and bitter-sweet candy

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GMO COOKIES x (ZKITTLEZ x OG KUSH) Most plants (about 75%) grow tall and vigorous. Prepare for a slightly delayed flower onset with the taller plants. They fill in nicely later in flowering. A fairly long stretch on the higher calyx/leaf ratio plants.  The more leafy plants are typically shorter and more lateral.  The apex/vertical heavy phenos stretch quite a bit. 

• Quality: Ridiculous boutique combo of Chem, OG, sour candy, and sweet florals.