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Ethos Genetics Purple Zkittles Rbx Fem 10 pk


*Purple Zkittlez #1 x  Punchline #3

*(Zkittlez x Purple Punch)

Level : 25-32%

CBD: 1%

CBG: 1%

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

In stock

In stock


Yield: Average

Quality: Unique Boutique

Extraordinary flavor, effects, and appearance.

Terpenes: PUNGENT and Complex! Full-spectrum of flavors like sweet candy, various fruits, and rich sandalwood. Acrid diesel gasoline can come through on some.

A medium-height plant with medium-sized flowers that’s easy to grow in any environment. She’s not a big feeder but enjoys lots of light. Strong lateral branching makes training easy. Her flowers are spectacular with deep purple hues completely coated in large-headed trichomes.