Gage Green Group Luna Golden Reg 8 pk


High School Sweetheart 2 x Synchroncity
Luna Golden (High School Sweetheart x Maestro Syncronicity 3)
Luna Golden is a gift from above. Heaven on Earth follows everywhere Luna Golden shares her eternal beauty. When
we imagine Luna Golden, we see the golden evening sun fading in the distance, the sea foam bubbling along the beach shore. The
moon hovering overhead. The memory of Luna Golden brings forth eternal relaxation and adoration for the beauty from our
Divine Mother.
High School Sweetheart (Cherry Pie Kush x Grateful Breath)
A world-class selection of High School Sweetheart by Old Anonymous pulls heavy diesel and gas notes with hints of
lime and cherry from a legendary combination between the Cherry Pie Kush and the Grateful Breath. Cherry Pie Kush is one of
the most highly decorated clones today, it is the original Cookie, retaining a pure OG flavor and nose. The flowers are always
coated with resin and form into solid rock formations. Explore the density and potency in the High School Sweetheart, one of our
most exquisite offerings to date. Flower – 60 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid
Synchronicity (Irene x Grateful Breath)
Maestro Synchronicity, a project which utilized multiple males, is a cross between Irene OG, heralded from the South,
and Grateful Breath Solomon a project that began in Oakland, CA and completed in Mendocino, CA. The vigor and yield of the
Maestro selections, along with the citrus, chocolate, and gas flavor profile, is why we are excited to introduce this series.
Maestro Synchronicity 3 features stocky growth structure and wider leaves like Grateful Breath. Maestro Synchronicity 1 features
lanky growth structure like the Irene. Explore the diverse flavors and extraordinary flower formations offered in this exotic
combination. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid

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