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Gnome Automatics Anvil Auto Fem 3pk


Ancestry: F7 Anvil (Deep Chunk, Bubba Kush, ALF#5) x F7 Anvil Reversed
Indica/Sativa: 90/10
Cycle time: 65-75 days
Dimensions: Depends on container size, 1 gal pots yield 3-4-foot plants. Multi Pots and grow beds show 5-6-foot plants.
Yield: 30g /sqft in ideal conditions
High Yield Method: Multi Pots (4-5 plants per 25+ gal pot) Ideal for grow beds.
Recommended Light Cycle: 18/6 or 20/4 (Will flower under 24 hrs)
Aroma and Flavor: Spice, coffee, earthy and incense. Some phenotypes show sweet & sour citrus tones.
Primary terp Profile: Myrcene, Limonene, B-Caryophyllene
Good Potential
Grow Environment: Indoor, Outdoor, and Greenhouse

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Isolated for her color and terp profile, Anvil is justified to her name. Her flowers and leaves offer a range of color in the form of Reds, Blacks, and Purples covered in a generous to high layer of resin. Her color comes from huge levels of anthocyanin in the plant and is a natural antioxidant. Cool temps are NOT needed to trigger the color. This is a natural expression from the plant.