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Green House Seed Co. Wonder Pie Fem 5 pk


Wedding Cake x OG Kush

30%  SATIVA  –  70%  INDICA  
Great Potential

In stock

In stock


Flowering Cycle: 8 – 9 weeks
Yield: High

Harvest: Late September
Average Height: 170 – 200cm
Yield: 700g/plant

Wonder Pie is a cross of the popular Wedding Cake with our selected OG Kush.
The flavor goes from fruity, sweet to gassy making it an all around strain. The influences of Triangle Kush and Cookie ancestor are dominant while the OG Kush flavor comes through on the exhale.
The plant grows tall and will double in size during the flowering period and should be topped and trained to maximize yield.

The buds are long, very dense and covered in trichomes.