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High Power Genetics Cherry Runtz Punch F1 Reg 21 pk


(Cherry Lime Runtz (Sapphire Cut) Bx2)  x  (Wizard Punch F4)

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Extra Large
Smell: candy, fruit, cream, gas
Height: Medium

In stock

In stock


All cherry runtz punch plants were selected using HPLC potential analysis. Only those with proven cannabinoid numbers and tight enough structures were used for breeding. One female and one male were selected for maximum uniformity of these seeds.

This is an F2 hybrid with about 3-4 phenotypes, phenos 1 and 2 retain the creamy, fruit flavors with pheno 1 growing very short, and 2 medium height. The third pheno has a distinct cherry candy smell and is another medium-height plant. The fourth pheno has a mix of gas and fruit, being slightly on the taller side. All phenotypes display dense buds with a best-in-class bract to leaf ratio, and purple with ease. The trichome development of these plants is sensational, with potency numbers to prove it. See picture #2 for the certificate of analysis.