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High Power Genetics Forbidden Cheetah Cake Bx2 Reg 21 pk


Forbidden Cheetah Cake Bx3
(Forbidden Fruit x Cheetah Piss x Ice Cream Cake bx3) 
$3 per seed

9-10 weeks

Yield: Extra Large

In stock

In stock


The Forbidden Cheetah Piss cut I received from cookies was just undeniably special. Starts to purple in week 2 from the inside out. Everything you love about Forbidden Fruit, but with added Girl Scout cookie potential and cookie musk underneath a tropical bouquet of mangos and berries. I cannot take credit for the greatness of these plants at all, just undeniably special. The ice cream cake vanilla scent expresses itself among phenos at varying degrees, but all plants will turn purple. I can honestly say this plant is even more impressive grown outdoors. 


Bud Properties – Smell, Look, Yield

High-yielding, large cola sativa-hybrid with a very pungent and overwhelmingly pleasant smell; floral and tropical notes with mango/cherry overtones, this curious strain requires some time around to describe the smell. On further inspection, there’s a hint of cookie musk and citrus candy possibly lending itself from Ice Cream Cake Bx3. Forbidden Fruit tends to dominate the air in the grow room.  A true purple strain, forbidden fruit immediately fades at week 1 from the inside out regardless of air temperature. To maximize terpene content and fade, lower flower temperatures from 80F in week 1 down to 69F by weeks 9-10.  Buds take shape as dense cones with an even ratio of sugar leaves to bracts, making trimming easy.

Plant Growth Characteristics

Plants demand lots of nitrogen and calcium in the vegetative state and tend to grow lighter in color than their neighbors. Long, medium width, highly serrated fan leaves hang close to secondary and tertiary branches. Plants have medium node spacing and grow rapidly, allowing for bushy growth with proper training. In an ideal veg environment, take the time to top every single branch in 2-3 week intervals. Top these plants early and often in order to increase yield. With proper light intensity, massive buds will need support as flower nears its end. Expect uniformity from seed.