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High Power Genetics Garlic Wizard F1 Reg 21 pk


Garlic Wizard
(GMO original cut bx2) x (Wizard Punch F4)

Flower Time: 10 weeks
Height: Medium-Tall
Smell: Garlic, garbage, the hint of candy/cookie

In stock

In stock


Uniform from seed, Garlic Wizard F1 takes on GMO’s gassy garlic smell, tight dense bud structure, potential and overall height. From Sleeve of Wizard, yield, plant size, red hues, and a faint detection of sweetness under the overwhelming garlic stench.  A beautiful codominant cross with just the right traits blending as one. Plants finish flowering in ten weeks. 

Parent information: 
GMO- A blend of Girl Scout Cookies (forum cut) and Chemdawg, this sativa dominant hybrid boasts a huge potential, 13-14 week flower time. When grown properly, the original GMO is like no other plant. Sativa-like growth with Indica potential. 

Wizard Punch – Originally gifted to me by Sozo, a male clone from a limited edition batch of F2 seeds called Sleeve of Wizard, better known as Wizard Punch. (Viper City x Abusive OG x Blissful Wizard x Purple Punch). He had pollinated one of their chosen female cuts. I grew out 53 of the F3 seeds and made one more final selection until I achieved the uniformity from seed I had looked for. This is an important first step in any new cross.