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High Power Genetics So Juicy F1 Reg 21 pk


Ice Cream Juice F1 – 21 Regular Seeds

King’s Juice Bx2 x Ice Cream Cake Bx3 
Flower Time: 9-10 weeks
Yield: Extra Large
Height: Medium
Indoor & Outdoor

In stock

In stock


Phenotypes range from fruit/kush scents to candy/cookie scents with some unique outliers as well. The plants are all so exceptional in terms of smell and yield, it makes the breeding selection come down to potentail testing. Almost all phenotypes will finish with dark purple colors accelerated by cold temperatures. All plants have been exposed to multiple seasons of hot summers and cold, wet autumns in MI. These plants are bred to thrive in any environment and are resistant to mold and pests. All breeding stock has been selected with Cannabinoid and HLV testing.


Parent Information

King’s Juice #4 is a short, purple, strawberry/grape smelling phenotype of Mimosa x King’s Kush. It’s nugs are extremely dense and large forming short wide colas. The scent is described by some as candy-like.


Ice Cream Cake is a clone I received from Perfect Harvest, and is an original cut from Seed Junky. The smell and color of this strain is incredible. Dark purple with nutty, vanilla smells, it really defies what weed should smell and taste like.