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High Power Genetics Steve Yzerman F1 Reg 21 pk


Steve Yzerman
(Detroit Runtz (Tiki Cut) x Wizard Punch F4
Flower Time: 9-10 weeks
Height: Short-Medium
Yield: Massive
Smell: Grape/Pine/Gas
Taste: Grape/Sugar/Pine/Herbal

In stock

In stock


It was aptly named after a true legend, and I wouldn’t name just any plant after Stevey. Of the hundreds of strains I’ve grown, none of them can touch this girl’s combination of yield and potential. A giant yielding gas/pine/grape Runtz phenotype, this exotic girl has everything a commercial grower could possibly want. Large nugs, bag appeal, thin but not too thin leaves, perfect indica hybrid structure, and potential. The taste of this plant is awesome. I find myself craving different flavors but the blast of grape with the lingering pine taste never gets old. The plants grow extremely strong and will hold up to cold and rainy conditions, and have been bred in such conditions for resistance. The nugs turn dark purple, especially with reduced temperatures. 


Detroit Runtz

This cross was done with Tiki Madman’s original cut of Detroit Runtz. It’s a huge yielder with gassy, fruit and pine smell. Buds turn dark purple, especially with reduced flower temperatures in the last few weeks. 

Wizard Punch
(Blissful Wizard x Purple Punch) is an elite, candy-grape-flavored cross from Honeystick Genetics. I was gifted a smelly, stout male from Sozo Health Michigan. This male has proven itself to add structure and potential to every female he encounters, and even develops his own trichomes! His pollen production is incredible, showing genetics favoring sexual organ development–a trait we all appreciate in our female plants as well.