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Humboldt Seed Company Early Girl O.G. Hybrid Fem 10 pk


*Not available as of 4/22/22*

Sex: Feminized
Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid(60/40)
Lineage: Selfed Humboldt Reserve OG x Royal Highness IBL
Flower Time: 55 Days; October 1st – 15th
Average THC: 22-27%
Flavor: Gas, Pine

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While major crops have had the benefit of modern breeding practices, even the basics like Mendel’s Law haven’t been properly applied to cannabis. The terms F1/2/3 etc. are used, but most cannabis seeds are polyhybrids—their genes are full of variations. A true F1 Hybrid is the crossing of two highly inbred populations without those variations, and will display hybrid vigor and uniformity. For this seed, we’ve used our best, highly inbred O.G. Kush and Royal Highness, which complement each other and stay true to the popular O.G. Kush genre and high THC.