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Humboldt Seed Company Fortune Cookie Fem 5 pk


LINEAGE: Forum Cut x Caramel Cream
FLOWERING TIME 55 DAYS, September 25 – October 10
60% Indica 40% Sativa
Good Potential
Nutty, Toffee, Gas

In stock

In stock


Fortunes do grow on trees in Humboldt and if there’s a company that knows what strains will make you feel fortunate, it’s us. The Fortune Cookie strain has been in the oven here at Humboldt Seed for a long time. This is the product of six years of breeding work, starting with Forum Cut and Emerald Fire OG, then Caramel Cream, eventually leading to the discovery and stabilization of the Fortune Cookie phenotype in seed form. Expect plants with upright growth habits and dense frosty nuggets with a gassy terpene profile. With potency that’s loaded with trichomes, Fortune Cookies is guaranteed to leave both producers and consumers highly satisfied!