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Humboldt Seed Company Garlic Budder Fem 5 pk


LINEAGE: GMO x Fortune Cookies
FLOWERING TIME 70 DAYS, October 5-20
70% Indica 30% Sativa
Creamy Butter, Garlic, Nutty
Great to Enormous Potential

In stock

In stock


Our new Garlic Budder is extremely potency, dense, and dripping with trichomes. We’ll be the first to admit that savory strains aren’t our typical forte, but since we’ve been breeding garlic as long as we have cannabis, we had to go for it! This line stood out in our 2019 Phenotype mega-hunt: the spicy garlicky terpenes are prevalent, along with enticing buttery and nutty undertones. Expect above-average growth, with tall bushy plants that are high yielding and productive.