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Humboldt Seed Company Old Growth OG Reg 20 pk


Sex: Regular
Type: Indica Dominant(75/25)
Lineage: OG Kush x Chem Dawg x Old Growth OG
Flower Time: 60 DAYS, October 1-15
Flavor: Pine, Fuel, Lemon

In stock

In stock


Two all-time A-list strains create an explosion of fuel terpenes. When we met Greg – the creator of Chem Dog – We felt like we were in the presence of royalty. We thanked him for his contribution to the species and shoveled our own seeds into his lap, hoping to begin repaying the debt that cannabis enthusiasts owe him. The name pays homage to the environmentalists protecting the giant redwoods of Humboldt. We were on the front lines in 1996 and beyond for the “Redwood Summer” blockades!