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Humboldt Seed Company Raspberry Parfait Fem 10 pk


Sex: Feminized
Type: Sativa Dominant(80/20)
Lineage: Raspberry Parfait x Trufula Tree x Shiska Berry
Flower Time: 60 DAYS, October 1-10
Flavor: Raspberries, Vanilla Yogurt

In stock

In stock


Via 2017’s collaborative phenotype hunting by Rising Leaf Farms in Oregon, we were alerted to a plant from an R&D seed batch we had made from a Shishkaberry mother and Trufula Tree father. On a visit with Jennifer and Jason of Rising Leaf, we experienced first-hand the magical genetics of this gorgeous plant with its special terpene profiles. Now we are able to release Raspberry Parfait, another balanced breakfast strain from Humboldt Seed that’s destined for fame!