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Humboldt Seed Company Very Cherry Reg 20 pk


Sex: Regular
Type: Sativa Dominant(70/30)
Lineage: Very Cherry Bx3 x Lemon Kush x Old Timer Seed
Flower Time: 50 DAYS, SEPT. 20 – OCT. 5
Flavor: Sweet Cherries, Jasmine, Tangy

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This strain produced record amounts of terpenes in extraction and is one of the best-smelling varieties we’ve ever created. That says a lot considering we created Blueberry Muffins. Incredibly loud and very unique! Breeding seeds passed to us by a local old-timer, we found a plant that smelled just like cherry cough drops, and have continued working that into this sweet cherry blossom masterpiece. Perfect for sauce and terpene forward projects, this strain will not disappoint the discerning nose!