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Humboldt Seed Company Willy G’s Lebanese Reg 20 pk


Sex: Regular
Type: Sativa Dominant(60/40)
Lineage: Willy G’s Lebanese x Lebanese #3 x Lebanese #8
Flower Time: 65 DAYS, OCT. 1 – OCT. 20
Flavor: Dill, Black Pepper, Cherry

In stock

In stock


From our product tester Willy G comes a strain with a very high CBD ratio. These seeds should all produce flowers with an over 20:1 ratio of CBD. Willy G and his cousin procured these seeds from Bakka Valley in Lebanon and we bred and pheno hunted them to find this wonderful silk-road masterpiece. These seeds are incredibly unique and Willy G is a wonderful person who uses cannabis to help with the effects of his cerebral palsy. Please credit Willy with any crosses you make of other uses of this strain – he deserves it!