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Jean-O’s Genetics Double Bubble Blueberry Trouble Auto Fem 3 pk


Double Bubble Blueberry Trouble F1 auto fem

Is the result of crossing  Blueberry x Bubblegum x Blue Dog F1. I chose an orange zest terpy blueberry and crossed her with a creamy and smooth Bubblegum and took that resulting F1 cross which had an orange cream aroma and flavor then crossed her to a Chemdoggin leaning F1 phenotype of my Blue Dog. In the end, this monstrous blend created a terpy beast that has a total life expectancy of 85 to 95 days from seed to harvest. She puts out large open structured sativa flowers full of a combination of aromas ranging from citric orange zest and grapefruit to creamy blueberry and strawberries to a musky dank basement with rotten fruit. Yields are fair between 3 to 6 oz’s if grown in a 7-gallon pot. Expect several different phenotypes with this F1 x F1 cross.

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