Jean-O’s Genetics The Legend S1 Fem 3 pk


 The Legend is the culmination of crossing a select Ethos Banana Daddy R1 photoperiod with the awesome VooDoo S1 from my auto-flower collection. So there is some ruderals in this photoperiod cultivar. The F1 seeds were pheno hunted for the tastiest and largest yielding plant to create the S1 cross. The terpenes on this cultivar are wild and beyond unique, to say the least. The aromas and flavors are Grape, Grapey Blunt (tobacco), Rotten Bananas, Chemical Funk, Dank Basement, Burnt Rubber, and Floral Musky undertones. This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid and has great vigor all the way through and sburnthows some amazing stretch during pre-flower which can sometimes quadruple plant size. The flowers are large and dense and yields are bountiful. Expect the flowering cycle to go between 9 to 10 weeks for the best results. Great for indoor and outdoor growing having great pest and disease resistance. Outdoor yields can be massive with this cultivar! Seeds are intended as novelty collectible Hemp products for adults 21 and over. Please follow the rules and regulations of your area. Jean-O’s Genetics accepts no responsibility for the misuse of this product.  

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