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Jean-O’s Genetics What the Fuck F1 Auto Fem 3 pk


What the Fuck F1 Auto Fem

It is the crossing of VooDoo S1 x What’s My Name S1.  The aroma and flavor are sweet with some citric, blueberry, black pepper, and some dank musty basement. With a seed-to-harvest window of 80 to 90 days, she can produce between 3 to 6 oz of beautiful flowers if grown in a 7-gallon pot. She is a pretty aggressive growing plant that is quite hungry and likes heavy feedings. It is pretty close to a 50/50 hybrid but stretches like a sativa. She is loaded with old-school favorites like Pineapple Express, Blue Cheese, Chemdoggin, Bubblegum, and Black Cream.

In stock

In stock