Jean-O’s Genetics Where’s My Dog F3 Auto Fem 3 pk


Where’s My Dog F3 auto is the result of crossing the amazing What’s My Name S1 auto x Straw Dog F1 auto. I chose from 2 chronic F2 phenotypes of the WMD. The mother plant was a Pineapple Express leaning phenotype and the reversal plant was a very chem-heavy Straw Dog leaning pheno.  Aroma and flavors are pineapples, strawberries, skunks, burnt rubber, cheese, and chemical funk. The expected life cycle is around 80 to 90 days from seed to harvest and yields are around 3 to 6 oz per plant. This cultivar gets quite aggressive and hungry once flowering starts but she handles well in any growing style but can be a bit fussy in RDWC. Rosin extraction shows excellent returns between 20-25%. Seeds are intended as novelty collectible items for adults 21 and over. Please follow the rules of your area. 

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