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Khalifa Genetics Filipino Kibungan Reg 12 pk


Medium- Large Yield 
14 to 17 weeks to flower 
Guava, peach, and blackberry with hazy undertones, 

Tropical Sativa From The Mountains Of Northern Philippines
Highland tropical sativa with a unique fruity aromatic profile. Originating from a remote and mountainous area of the northern Philippines, the Filipino Kibungan is easy to grow and extremely mold resistant.

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Vigorous and easy to grow, this rare Filipino cultivar comes from a remote and sparsely populated mountain area. Local farmers typically grow small guerrilla patches in secluded locations up in the mountains. Most plants produce a delicious fruity scent reminiscent of sweet and creamy tropical fruit. However, some phenotypes tend to also be hazy and woody.

Many plants produce greasy stems with a distinct fruity smell. As they start flowering, the buds have a sweet fragrance at first which slowly becomes more complex. It then turns into a rich blend of sweet tropical fruit and spices.
The taste is often more woody and spicy though the fruitiness is still present on the exhale.

Growth Pattern
This Kibungan cultivar grows insanely fast. It shows a lot of lateral branching.
Once the plants really start blooming, however, they focus their energy on the tops and can produce some long Sativa spears.
Because of the abundant rainfalls almost throughout the year, this cultivar has developed the ability to withstand extreme humidity.
Its airy buds let the air flow through them and almost never mold.
Although the buds can be wispy, some plants produce big long, and heavy colas.
In addition to that, it is also quite cold-resistant for a tropical Sativa.

As is the case with most tropical sativas, the Filipino Kibungan can thrive in poor soil. However, unlike most Sativas, it can also tolerate more fertile soils.
This cultivar is therefore more forgiving and more beginner friendly than most tropical varieties.

In the Philippines, cannabis cultivation is still punishable by life imprisonment which causes local farmers to be extremely cautious. Therefore, sourcing seeds from that region is very difficult. The war on cannabis along with the introduction of foreign genetics has already made many Filipino landraces disappear. For these reasons, a local Filipino grower offered us these heirloom seeds for their reproduction and preservation. It allowed the Khalifa team to preserve this invaluable cultivar before the relentless eradication campaigns and pollen contamination caused it to go extinct.

This unique Filipino landrace is recommended to collectors, preservationists, and breeders looking for an easy-to-grow Sativa with outstanding mold resistance and fruity terpenes.