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Kingdom Organic Seeds Coma Cluster Reg 10 pk


Actual Weight (yield): 3 oz. per 3-foot untopped plant under 400 watts HID MH
Actual Flowering time in days: 70 days
Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: Hybrid 50/50 Iron Cindy x Boggle Dragon
Taste (burned and unburned): Fuel/Dank/Honey Oil
Smell (burned/unburned): Dank
What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Buds can be solid or super solid

In stock

In stock


I tested the Iron Cindy male in my “Iron Maiden” tent of torture, where I stress the plant in several ways including over-pruning, heat, and drought, and he passed and always bounced back fast with flying colors. The Iron Cindy is a hybrid of Dutch Flower’s Metal Haze and my C99 (male). Bringing to the table some serious yields, along with some sharp Hazey and overripe figs as far as the flavoring and smells go. Hearty and adaptable, that’s the way we like ‘em.

The Boggle Dragon is BOG’s Bogglegum male crossed to my Blue Dragon selected female, BOG’s hybrid was an old NL #5 crossed to a Bubblegum and the Blue Dragon is Blue Rhino male crossed to a landrace Tibetan cultivar, my Tibetan Gold. I selected the Boggle Dragon female specifically to target the most awesome Tibetan high-type so hopefully, it will run dominant in the Coma Cluster.

The Coma Cluster  flavors range from honey-oil fuel to candy and every female I have seen is a very large yielding plant (3 oz. from a 3-foot plant indoors under a 400w HID); super hearty and easy to grow.