Kingdom Organic Seeds Iron Cindy Reg 10 pk


    Lineage: Cinderella 99 (m) x Metal Haze
    Viability: 90%+
    Recommended Growing Style: TLO (True Living Organics)
    Yield: Large for 3 out of 4 individuals at least
    Flowering Time Indoors: 10 weeks
    Expected Legs: 3 Hours Minimum

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These Iron Cindy F2s will have severe flavors from Cat Pisy to overripe figs with a seriously true “dank” aspect to them. Resin production is a lock (homo) and all offspring will be deadly potent with major resin production; yields should distribute with 75% of the offspring (at least) having very large yields, with some way over the top large. This is a very strong, very intense, almost pure sativa (probably 90%); so be warned! Count on these to all likely triple in size/height from the flowering until harvest. Some will be less but many will very likely express this kind of a sativa-ish stretch.

Germination rates are 90%+ (19 out of 20 for my test).

Cheers and enjoy, choose wisely from these F2s and you can bag yourself basically a one-of-a-kind KILLER, with a ton of selected strong traits homo.