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Kingdom Organic Seeds Riffraff Thai Reg 10 pk


VARIETY NAME: Riffraff Thai
BREEDER/ORIGIN: KOS (Kingdom Organic Seeds)
SIZE: Medium to Large (stretches somewhat to make room for huge buds)
WEIGHT/YIELD: Very Large with Big Fat Colas
FLOWERING TIME: 70 – 77 Days 
SATIVA/INDICA RATIO: 30% Sativa & 70% Indica
LINEAGE: – Deep Chunk (2 males) x Kali Thai (pre 2000 genetics)
FLAVORS/SMELLS: Honey Oil/Acrid/Sharp/Dank

In stock

In stock


The (paternal P1) father is actually two individual Deep Chunk (DC) males. I have inbred the Deep Chunk several times now and have always selected for 3 biggies: yields/size, purple expressions, and resin production. The DC always brings massive resin production to the table, along with big fat-dense colas and larger yields overall; as a rule of thumb. 

The (maternal P1) female, is a hybrid made by an old buddy of mine (Opie Kenope); like, well over a decade ago.  The Kali Thai is a 2-way F1 hybrid, made using (pre-2000 genetics) Kali Mist, and Juicyfruit Thai. The JFT was not the true sativa-dominant JFT from Holland, this was the shorter stouter indica-looking version, out of Canada. 

The Riffraff Thai basically has two main phenotypes, with some sub-variants within those two phenotypes. The first one leans on the indica side fairly heavily. Huge yielding with fat colas, super dense; and just dripping with resin. The other phenotype I call the “Kali Pheno” represents a much higher sativa influence in her looks and her resin profile.  She normally goes 77 days, while the more indica-type pheno goes 70 days.