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Koby’s Organics Santa Marta Columbian Gold Reg 10pk


Sativa Land Race

In stock

In stock


Santa Marta Columbian Gold
This is an opportunity to not pass on. It took six years and indigenous natives who could move throughout Columbia easier than anyone else to get these and some Black Columbian ( which we will be doing soon )  out of the jungles where it is well guarded by guerrillas. These are huge plants needing to be topped to grow indoors. Even after three toppings, some still get over 7ft. They take between 10 – 14 weeks to flower. The taste of spice, pepper, and a note of citrus. This is an extremely impressive sativa landrace strain. One sought-after for many years. Being in my mid-60s now, and having smoked the real deal back in the 70’s, this is as close to back then as I have seen in 40 years. I guarantee you that if you are patient you will harvest some of the finest cannabis you have ever had. I give you my word. Plus I am always available to ask anything.