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Mastercraft Seeds Blue Dream Fem 4 pk


Blue Dream seeds are a feminized sativa-dominant hybrid strain that will impress even the veteran growers. This strain was developed by crossing Blueberry with Cheese, thus has a rich genetic background.

What Do Blue Dream Seeds & Flower Smell like?

Blue Dream is a concert of fragrances, with its delightful scent cutting through before you even light it. This strain has a pleasant berry-like smell, with mild floral and earthy undertones. Thanks to its Blueberry parentage, Blue Dream also gives off mild notes of herbal pine.
What Does Blue Dream Strain Taste Like?

When smoked, Blue Dream has a strong fruity and floral flavor with strong notes of earth, citrus, sandalwood, and pine. This strain’s taste blends well with a glass of fruit juice or a cup of flavored tea. Save some Blue Dream for the next time your friends are coming over they’ll love it.

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Want To Grow Your Own Blue Dream?

Blue Dream is a relatively easy strain to grow and a favorite among experts and beginners. This cannabis strain does well both indoors and outdoors and is known to yield quite handsomely.
When planted indoors:

It grows quite tall; pruning and other height control measures will come in handy
It requires full-spectrum indoor grow lights
It requires ventilation; a small indoor fan may come in handy if you don’t have too many plants
It takes about eight weeks to flower
It yields high- about 17 oz/m2

When planted outdoors:

Blue Dream grows rather tall (4 to 6 feet)
It requires protection from extreme weather conditions, like heavy rain, storms, and hot sun
It requires mild climates with temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit
It does well in areas with a light breeze and access to uninterrupted sunlight
It requires consistent watering
It will be ready for harvest in October
Its yields are high- 20 oz per plant.

Blue Dream was developed by crossing Blueberry with Cheese. Blueberry is a viral strain, believed to be one of the strongest indicas out there. It was awarded the Best Indica in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.