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Mephisto Artisanals Sour Stomper Auto 3 pk


Genetics: Grape Stomper OG From Gage Green Genetics x Sour Crack F5 
Indica/Sativa 50/50 
Flowering Time: 65 to 70 days

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Sour Stomper is very special variety indeed, a product of very well executed selection work – the initial cross was with a special grapey phenotype of a Sour Crack lady and an excellent grapey male of the Grapestomper OG from Gage Green. The F1 was done by GBD, and then passed to us to work into fully auto. She’s in our top 3 ever auto’s and we’ve already planned a BX to continue the Sour Stomper line well into the future. With a grapey sweet aroma with a powerful funky edge, this is a must grow strain for 2016/17. These girls put out so much white resin, they are very difficult to photograph without people thinking the white fuzziness is PM.. word to the wise; IT’S NOT :). Sour stomper starts off growing squat and looking very indica, however when she begins flowering she can really stretch – quadrupling in height throwing out branches and her OG heritage sure makes itself known. She is a real delight to trim and manicure, and is an ideal candidate for extraction work. One of the frostiest plants in our entire catalogue. Resin levels are frankly silly and it’s a sticky terpene rich one – Real hashplants. Sour stomper will color up in cooler temperatures, the bag appeal is incredibly high.-Mephisto