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Mephisto Forum Stomper Fem Auto 3 pk


genetics- GSC Forum Cut x Sour Stomper Auto
gene – Indica / Sativa Hybrid
sex- Feminised
yield- 75 – 125 gr/plant
height – 60 – 90 cm.

Forum Stomper Auto is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid which was created from a cross of the Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut with Mephisto’s own Sour Stomper Auto. 

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This plant is best grown either indoors or in a greenhouse but go easy on the feeding especially for the first 3 weeks. There are 2 phenos, one of which is shorter and stockier with longer colas due to the tight inter-nodal spacing not requiring support. The second is somewhat bigger and stretchier with dense secondary branch growth. It sports a plethora of crystal-laden tops and is the pheno that was used in the breeding programme.

Both are excellent phenos with very high resin production. Plants grow to be 60 – 90 cm. tall and very nearly as wide. The life-cycle is between 65 – 75 days with the second pheno taking the maximum amount of time. Each plant will yield between 75 – 125 gr. and boasts a great flower to leaf ratio making it easy to trim once dried.

The scent during flowering is exceptionally pungent and this quality is retained after drying. Expect to detect aromas of chocolate, spices, fruit and mint.