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Mosca Seeds Watermelon Power Pack


Buy Watermelon Blast (12 Reg. Seeds) for $80,Get Watermelon Zaza S1 (6 Female Seeds) FREE!

In stock

In stock


Watermelon Blast (Watermelon Zkittlez f2 x Watermelon Gelato f2) 12 Regular Seeds

Watermelon Blast combines two of the most popular Watermelon strains commercially available on the market today, Watermelon Zkittlez from Terp Hogz and Watermelon Gelato from Lit Farms. These cultivars were grown out from large pheno hunts and were selected/ bred into f2’s by Tiki Madman. We combined these Special Ladies to create an Explosion of terps, aroma, and Gas!

Flowering: 58-62 days

Yields: Above Average to heavy

Watermelon ZaZa S1 (Watermelon Zkittlez x Watermelon Zkittlez) 6 Feminized Seeds

Watermelon ZaZa S1 is the answer to Hot Summer days for quenching your thirst with first class smoke! From the time you first open the bag, the sweet watermelon terps hit your nose and taste buds. Not only does she deliver the watermelon taste- she also delivers a Super Gas finish that keeps you coming back for more.

Flowering: 63 days

Yields: Above Average