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MzJill Genetics Jilly Bean Cherry Fem 5 pk


Cherry AK47 x Jilly Bean

High Times Top Ten (2007), High Times Best Sativa (2014), The Adam Dunn Show Invitational (ADSI) 1st Place (2018).


In stock

In stock


  • LINEAGECherry AK47 x Jilly Bean
  • SMELLSweet candied cherry with light citrus undertones.
  • FLAVORShe tastes like a bowl full of cherry jelly beans with a hint of citrus.
  • APPEARANCEShe is a medium to tall plant. Her foliage can range from bright green to many shades of burgundy to almost black. She has medium to large spear-spaded resinous buds with orange hair, sometimes the buds will also take on shades of burgundy to purple.