Old School AfPak Reg 10 pk


Aflac: Afghani Pakistan hash plant x skunk
Yield – Good
Flowering Time – 8-10 Weeks
Height – increase during flowering: 50-75%
Appearance – Chunky, solid, resin-coated buds with swollen resin-covered calyxes; vivid colorations possible in cooler temperatures at maturity
Aroma – Pungent, sweet, and hashy with a bit of spice.

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The Afpac is a very “hash plant” like strain, but with more vigor in the genes, and finishes as a relatively bushy plant with dense foliage that is carpeted with resin crystals from the tips of the leaves all the way onto the buds.
By crossing it with the Skunk, the buds have more calyx to them and have more space between the nodes to let strong light reach further into the plant canopy for more consistent harvest quality and to develop bigger buds. Skunk is a very versatile and vigorous plant.
The cross to the Skunk makes the Afpac better suited to a wider range of growing conditions, like greenhouse growing, and helps ensure healthy harvests with less trimming; while providing a very pungent and sticky harvest of buds with lots of material for hash making.
Great for outdoor growers who want to see more growth before their plants shift into bud under natural light; promoting bigger yields, especially under long warm growing seasons.