Pyramid Seeds Olympia Fem 5 pk


Type    50% Sativa – 50% Indica
Production    +500 g/m2 (With 600W light)
Bloom    60 days
Height    90 – 150 cm
Production    0.5 – 1 kg/plant
Bloom Europe    1/2 September
Bloom Latin America    1/2 march
THC: 19% CBN: 0.2% CBD: -1%

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This feminized phenotype is the result of the crossing and stabilization of Tutankhamon and LA Confidential, two highly-regarded plants in the last two years and appreciated by growers from all over the world. The result is this compact branched variety, with hard and crystalline flowers. Olympia is very productive and easy to grow in any medium. Its flowering cycle is 55 to 60 days. It has a fruity flavor with an acid touch. It has a mainly cerebral effect but not excessive that varies depending on the mood