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Pyramid Seeds Wembley Auto Fem 5 pk


Type    100% autoflowering
Good Potential

Indoors Production    +400 g/m2 (With 600W light)
Bloom    65 days

Exterior Production    50 – 200 g/plant
Bloom    50 – 65 days

In stock

In stock


Autoflowering phenotype of the latest generation. Easy cultivation and good results in all environments. Suitable for all types of growers and ideal for beginners. Plant with a very sweet flavor and a penetrating aroma with compact flowers. With a compact structure, very ramified, and medium size. Outdoors can reach a height of more than 75 cm and indoors it can exceed 1.70 m, we recommend more than 15 plants per square meter in a continuous cycle of 18 hours.