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Royal Queen Seeds Epsilon F1 Auto Fem 5 pk


Blue Dream x Blueberry x Amnesia Lemon Haze x Black Domina

Variety:    F1 Hybrid auto
Genetic Background:    Blue Dream x Blueberry x Amnesia Lemon Haze x Black Domina
Yield:    XXL
Height:    50 – 70 cm
Flowering time:    30 – 40 days
Harvest:    60 days after germination
Major terpenes:    Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Myrcene, Pinene
Flavor:    Blueberry, Citrus, Herbal, Lavender, Lime
Climate:    Short Summers

In stock

In stock


Epsilon F1 is one of the first cultivars from our world-first catalog of F1 cannabis seeds. Combining genetics from inbred lines descending from Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia, and Black Domina, this variety boasts uniform growth traits, delicious aromas, and plenty of cannabinols. Plus, it’s the fastest flower in our entire F1 lineup.
Growing Epsilon F1: Small, Uniform Plants With an Express Flowering Time
Epsilon F1 demonstrates excellent vigor and resilience; plants consistently grow small and compact, reaching similar heights and with a similar structure (short with few side branches), resulting in a very uniform crop. Plus, once Epsilon F1 automatically enters her bloom phase, you’ll be pleased to note that her developing buds produce little-to-no aromas all the way till harvest. Combined with her fast 30-day flowering time (60 days from germination to harvest), Epsilon F1 makes an excellent choice for stealthy growers.