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Royal Queen Seeds Hyperion F1 Auto Fem 5 pk


Amnesia x Lemon x Sin Tra Bajo Auto

Variety:    F1 Hybrid auto
Genetic Background:    Amnesia x Lemon x Sin Tra Bajo Automatic
Yield:    XXL
Height:    60 – 90 cm
Flowering time:    50 – 55 days
Harvest:    80 – 85 days after sprouting
Major terpenes:    Farnesene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Terpinolene
Flavor:    Earthy, Herbal, Pepper, Pine
Climate:    Short Summers

In stock

In stock


Hyperion is one of our largest F1 hybrids, offering robust genetics inherited from inbred lines descending from varieties like Amnesia, Lemon, and Sin Tra Bajo. She smells of fresh pine, earth, and spice, produces strong effects that relax the body and activate the mind, and features the unbeatable uniform growth traits that define F1 hybrid seeds.
Hyperion F1: A Tall, High-Yielding Hybrid
Hyperion is a true F1 hybrid with strong genetics inherited from inbred lines descending from Amnesia, Lemon, and the Spanish auto-flower Sin Tra Bajo. This is a high-yielding, potent auto-flowering hybrid featuring plenty of cannabinols and terpenes, as well as the tallest structure of all our F1 seeds.
Growing Hyperion F1: A Large Hybrid With Heavy Yields
Hyperion is one of our tallest F1 hybrids. These seeds produce uniform, stable auto-flowering plants that grow nice and big, making them ideal for open gardens and growers looking for heavy yields. Hyperion plants also grow very quickly, developing plenty of branches with many bud sites in record time. After about 55 days of bloom (85-day total life cycle), Hyperion F1 will be harvest-ready, rewarding you with large, resinous, and highly aromatic flowers with swollen calyxes and few leaves for extra-speedy trimming.