Royal Queen Seeds Marula Fruit Reg 10 pk


Genetic Background:    Mendocino x Mozambica
Good Potential
CBD:    Low
Yield Indoor:    425 – 475 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor:    600 – 650 gr/plant
Height Indoor:    90 – 140 cm
Height Outdoor:    140 – 180 cm
Flowering time:    7 – 8 weeks
Harvest Month:    Early October
Type:    Sativa 65% Indica 35%
Climate:    Short Summers
Flavor:    Earthy, Fruity, Pineapple

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Marula Fruit is a stoning indica with African origins. To honor her heritage, we named the strain after the Marula tree of the same continent. These large and rugged trees produce fruits that get local elephants drunk. Although our strain produces a different effect, these two species share expansive canopies and psychoactive properties. To create Marula Fruit, we secured a unique landrace discovered in the southeast African nation of Mozambique. We bred this stunning specimen with a potent indica variety from Mendocino County, California.

Breeding these two strains from opposite sides of the planet was an ambitious task. However, we were more than pleased with the result! Marula Fruit emerged as a heavily indica-dominant variety featuring 35% indica genetics and 65% sativa. She’s easy to grow, provides a rewarding yield, and offers medicinal qualities.

To call Marula Fruit relaxing would be an understatement. Her effect is hard to capture in words alone. It’s reminiscent of the euphoria felt after a full body massage or a full night’s sleep. A few puffs of these flowers will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, relax the muscles, and dissolve stress. Marula Fruit lifts a psychological weight off the shoulders and gives the mind a break. It’s not a strain designed for the daytime unless you have a day of rest planned. Instead, it’s ideal for evening use. Load up a bong or vape with her buds and escape the outside world for a while. Her flowers contain an average level of 20%, catalyzing a high that sets in swiftly and lingers for a long time.

It’s easy to see why medicinal users experience so much relief with this strain. Her physical high is effective at taking the edge off the pain, easing anxiety, and vanquishing stress.

Marula Fruit tickles the senses with her pleasant terpene profile. Her flowers are sweet and sugary, emanating delectable notes of cherry and cotton candy.

Marula Fruit is an absolute showoff. Growers will quickly discover this as the flowering phase begins. Her buds are unusual, yet pleasing to the eye. They’re spiky, Christmas-tree-shaped, and produce large quantities of viscous resin. It’s a hardy variety that doesn’t require any specific growing conditions—it will thrive in just about any environment. Both indoor and outdoor plants are easy to manage and reach a medium height. Indoor plants produce a satisfying yield of around 475g/m² after a flowering period of 49–53 days. Plants cultivated outdoors churn out a massive 650g/plant, ready to harvest in early October.