Royal Queen Seeds Royal Cheese Auto Fem 5 pk


        Genetic Background:    Cheese x Royal Critical x Ruderalis
        THC:    15%
    CBD:    Medium
    Yield Indoor:    425 – 475 gr/m2
    Yield Outdoor:    160 – 210 gr/plant
    Height Indoor:    60 – 100 cm
    Height Outdoor:    60 – 120 cm
    Flowering time:    7 – 8 weeks
    Harvest Month:    11 – 12 weeks after sprouting
    Type:    Sativa 30% Indica 50% Ruderalis 20%
    Effect:    Physically Relaxing, Stoned
    Climate:    Long Summers
    Flavor:    Cheese, Pepper, Skunk

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Not only is Cheese a much sought-after strain in numerous parts of the world, but it also boasts an enigmatic history. With a major influence on the 1990s UK rave scene and one of the most distinct terpene profiles around, it was only a matter of time before this legend was updated into a robust autoflowering strain.

Royal Cheese Automatic retains the same iconic taste of the original Cheese but is faster to grow and less demanding of the cultivator. Much like the photoperiod Cheese, which derives from Skunk #1 genetics, this new autoflowering variety emanates a very pungent aroma and strong taste of sour cheese, earth, and spices. Unlike the original, however, Royal Cheese Automatic is ready to harvest in just 11-12 weeks post-germination.

Dense with decent yields
This strain will grow to a maximum height of around 100cm; though some heavy-yielding plants may reach this size, most will be shorter than this. If grown under prime conditions, Royal Cheese Automatic will yield generously, providing up to 210g/plant outdoors and 475g/m² indoors.

Royal Cheese Automatic is a great strain for those who love the smell and taste of the Cheese, but desire the benefits of easy growth that autoflowering strains offer. The effect is strong and physical, with a happy, euphoric sensation rounding out the experience. This strain is known to stimulate appetite, making it ideal for symptomatic relief.