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Royal Queen Seeds Royal Critical Auto Fem 5 pk


Genetic Background:    Critical x Ruderalis
Good Potential
CBD:    Low
Yield Indoor:    350 – 400 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor:    115 – 165 gr/plant
Height Indoor:    55 – 65 cm
Height Outdoor:    90 – 140 cm
Flowering time:    6 – 7 weeks
Harvest Month:    10 – 11 weeks after sprouting
Type:    Sativa 15% Indica 50% Ruderalis 35%
Climate:    Long Summers
Flavor:    Candy, Fruity, Pepper

In stock

In stock


Royal Critical Automatic was created to retain the very best characteristics of the photoperiod Critical but with greater ease of cultivation and a much quicker life cycle. Why wait out the extra weeks of flowering when you can crop a Critical harvest in no time? This feminized autoflowering cultivar takes the already hardy genetics behind Critical and adds ruderalis to the mix to speed things up. As implied by its name, Royal Critical Automatic will flower automatically, regardless of the light schedule. This makes it an easy-to-grow plant that is especially suited to beginner cultivators looking to grow Critical. Even more experienced growers will enjoy the big, dense buds that waft intoxicating aromas at the end of the flowering phase. Scents of wood, spice, and sweetness will dominate the terpene profile. In just 11 weeks post-germination, this Critical variant will be begging for the chop. Bushy plant with an open Structure Royal Critical Automatic will grow to around 55-65cm in height. Although small and bushy, it has an open structure which allows for greater light penetration to all areas of the plant. This means bigger and better harvests. With yields amounting to 165g/plant of delicious, sweet-skunky buds, there are many reasons why Royal Critical Automatic deserves a special spot in your garden.