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Royal Queen Seeds Titan F1 Auto Fem 5 pk


Blue Dream x Sugar Magnolia x Amnesia
    Variety:    F1 Hybrid auto
    Genetic Background:    Blue Dream x Sugar Magnolia x Amnesia
    Yield:    XXL
    Height:    55 – 75 cm
    Flowering time:    40 – 45 days
    Harvest:    70 – 75 days after germination
    Major terpenes:    Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Myrcene, Ocimene
    Flavor:    Candy, Diesel, Herbal, Pine, Vanilla
    Climate:    Short Summers

In stock

In stock


Titan F1 stands out from our line of F1 hybrids. Thanks to her genetic lineage, she produces boatloads of delicious terpenes. Plus, plants reach modest heights while churning out impressive yields.
Titan F1: One of the Strongest F1 Hybrids
What do you think of when you read the word “Titan”? Some associate it with the children of Uranus in Greek mythology. Others know Titan as the largest moon of Saturn. And those with green fingers? Well, these people recognize Titan F1 as a variety on the cutting edge of genetics. As one of the first true F1 auto-flowering hybrids, this pioneering cultivar offers something productive, resilient, and brand new. Although not birthed from celestial bodies, Titan F1 still has an impressive ancestry! Talented breeders created this F1 by crossing inbred lines that share a heritage with Blue Dream, Sugar Magnolia, and Amnesia.

Growing Titan F1: Stealthy, High-Yielding Plants
With an average height of 65cm, you can grow Titan F1 just about anywhere and maintain a low profile. This bushy plant features an indica morphology, and a huge trichome count, and develops into a mature specimen in around 73 days from germination. Gear up for a uniform, consistent crop that will thrive in practically any environment