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Royal Queen Seeds White Widow Fem 5 pk


White Widow Strain: A Globally-Known Legend
At Royal Queen Seeds, our skilled breeders created our version of this classic using White Widow S1 genetics. Our variety features a perfect genetic balance of 50% indica and 50% sativa. She sits right in the middle of the spectrum and offers the best of both worlds.

Although the exact origin of the strain is shrouded in mystery, we guarantee the original White Widow is a Dutch classic, grown for the first time in the Netherlands.

According to legend, the original White Widow strain was created when a sativa landrace from Brazil was pollinated by an indica from Kerala, southern India, resulting from years of selecting and breeding in the mountains. This process produces resin-rich cannabis plants.

Since the original release back in the ‘90s, White Widow seeds have been dispersed around the globe, which has led to numerous variants on the original strain. Now, most reputable seedbanks will feature a version of WW, with RQS being no exception.

White Widow Seeds Provides Good Yields And Manageable Growth
Our White Widow feminized seeds grow to about 1m tall indoors, reaching up to 2m outside. It needs lots of light but can be grown in colder climates such as France, the UK, and the Netherlands. Grown inside, it can yield 450–500g/m² under a 600W light. Outdoors, growers can harvest between 550–600g/plant. Although this cultivar will perform better in warm climates, it still provides excellent results in northern European climates.

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In stock