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Samsara El Alquimista Auto 5 pk


El Alquimista is a cross between Northern Lights with its very special characteristics and aroma and a potent AK47.

The result was crossed with a White Dwarf to give autoflowering properties to two of our best indicas and then we re-crossed both to get our new Alquimista auto. This new strain has a short growth cycle of around 20 days
Genetics: Northern Lights Auto x AK-47 Auto
Flowering Time: 45-50 days
Type: Mostly Indica
Yield: 50-75 gr/pl

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It’s a medium-sized (up to 80cm), compact plant with production centered around one main large bud and several lateral ones, which are smaller. After the growth stage, it will enter a rapid flowering cycle that will last 45-50 days.

Full maturity should be reached after around 65-70 days following germination. The taste and aroma are like cathedral incense or varnish with acrid and woody notes from the Northern Lights.

The odor is relatively easy to mask as it doesn’t give off those penetrating fruity notes that so often betray indoor grow rooms.