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Sensi Seeds Critical Runtz Fem 3 pk


Feminized strain
Sativa / indicaIndica
Flowering TimeLong flowering period
HeightHigh plant
YieldXXL yield
Climate ZoneTemperate / continental
About Critical Runtz Feminized

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Critical Runtz Feminized develops fiery-colored stigmas that contrast with the chunky, olive-green buds below. Growers enjoy it for the XL yield of top-shelf flowers. Whether taste or smell is your main priority in selecting cannabis flowers, the individual power of those two profiles makes Critical Runtz Feminized a top selection. Outdoor growers will appreciate the hardiness of this strain, which can be grown in temperate and Mediterranean climates.

Although Critical Runtz Feminized is a compact plant with inherited Indica genetics, the sativa influence shows in the final height at harvest. Critical Runtz Feminized is a hybrid strain with genetic contributions from Northern Lights #2, Skunk Kush, Jack Herer, and Durban.

The first two strains are Indica dominant, and those traits are expressed in the short flowering time, branching, and yield. The sativa influence of Jack Herer and Durban contributes significantly to the flavor 

The growth pattern of Critical Runtz Feminized

The mixed lineage of Critical Runtz Feminized shows in the overall plant morphology, which exhibits some finer qualities of both indica and sativa plants. An advantage for growers looking for maximum efficiency of square footage, these seeds are feminized. Gardeners will only have the desired female plants in the garden, whether they grow inside or out.

Critical Runtz Feminized is a vigorous plant and will quickly grow vertically. Despite the fast growth rate, the internodal spacing remains tight, which creates a bushy plant as the lateral branches grow out and upwards toward the light. The branches are sturdy, but training techniques like SCROG help support the heavy buds later. Other cannabis training techniques like SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping will also work well with Critical Runtz Feminized.

Lateral branches toward the top of the plant tend to stay shorter, which leads to a large central cola on the apical meristem. The flowering time of Critical Runtz Feminized is 55-60 days. The stretch is average after flipping to flower, and plants can increase 1.5 times their vegetational height. With the right conditions indoors, heights of 140-180 cm can be achieved. Outdoor growers in moderately warm climates with occasional rain can finish with heights above 220 cm.

Buds of Critical Runtz Feminized form into large and dense flowers adorned with a heavy smattering of trichomes. Swollen bracts crowd together, forming chunky and colorful buds. Hues on the leaf material range from olive green to a deep and eye-catching purple. Stealing your attention are the captivating red and orange stigmas that look like a blanket of fire over the flowers.

The excellent news about Critical Runtz Feminized is that the profiles and effects are tremendous. To make the news even better, the yields are enormous. In a controlled environment, indoor growers can anticipate dried weights of 550-600 grams per m². Harvests outdoors can vary depending on the seasons. However, yields near or above 600 grams per plant are not out of the ordinary.

The flavor is often a highlight for people who have experienced Critical Runtz Feminized flowers, and everything about this strain brings a smile to the face. A candy-like sweetness is the first punch to cross the lips. Immediately on its heels are the flavors of zesty citrus and freshly picked berries. Already an enticing combination of freshness, Critical Runtz Feminized takes another step further with an indescribable tropical essence that completes the flavor palate.

The aromas of Critical Runtz Feminized are well-balanced. There are fruity and sweet notes with spicy undertones of dankness. The tropical-smelling terpenes take center stage. Notes of zesty citrus and orange peel bolster the fresh scents. In the background, sour undertones sit well with the sandalwood accents, andeEarthy and musky terpenes inhabit the tail end of the profile. During flowering, delicious, sweet floral notes fill the growing room air.