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Sensi Seeds Purple Cookie Kush Fem 3 pk


[Girl Scout Cookies x Purple Kush  Purple Cookie Kush Feminized takes the hottest GSC genetics and mashes them with a Purple Kush cultivar that was hand chosen for this project. No corners were cut in creating and selecting the right breeding stock for this fantastic strain. The result is a well-balanced hybrid that retains key qualities from its lineage.

The Purple Kush parent of Purple Cookie Kush Feminized has a lot to contribute, as evidenced by the plant morphology. The compact nature and sturdy branching can be attributed to those indica-dominant genetics. Another area that the indica influence is evident is in the terpene profile, which includes scents of spicy hashish and earthiness.

GSC contributes selected indica traits to Purple Cookie Kush Feminized, but the sativa side of the genes also had an impact. Complex, fruity expressions are detectable in both the mouth and nose of this strain. Before harvesting, during the last few weeks of flowering, growers will notice pleasant scents with floral notes lingering in the garden area.

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The growth pattern of Purple Cookie Kush Feminized

Purple Cookie Kush Feminized seeds grow into a plant that represents in appearance both sativa and indica inheritance. Because this is a feminized strain, growers will not need to sex the plants at the early stages of flower and can accurately anticipate yields knowing that all plants will be flower-producing.

Purple Cookie Kush Feminized has sturdy branches, similar to its GSC parent. The strong branches can support the weight of flower growth through harvest. The plant itself is stocky with a compact stature. This is attributed more to the Purple Kush influence. Due to the lower profile and many branches, defoliation is beneficial at various stages of growth.

Indoor growers with a controlled climate report final heights in the 120 – 140 cm range. Purple Cookie Kush Feminized finishes flowering in a quick 50-60 day window, which is a distinctly indica quality. Outdoor growers in temperate / Mediterranean climates have seen plants reach over 160 cm with ideal weather.

The bud formation of Purple Cookie Kush Feminized is similar to the popular Kush structure. Flowers are dense and compact. The buds are a mixture of swollen, trichome-covered bracts with dark forest-green foliage below. During the last weeks of flowering, the GSC influence adds purple hues to the vegetation.

Purple Cookie Kush Feminized is a solid-performing, easy-to-maintain plant with good yields. It is not difficult to achieve the optimal indoor climate, and yields of 425 – 475 grams per m² are possible in these conditions.

The ideal outdoor environment will have moderately warm weather and a small percentage of rain within the growing season. Growers in those regions have reported yields reaching 550 grams per plant, sometimes even more!

Common plant training techniques are not crucial to the success of this robust, sturdy plant, but some growers looking to maximize yields will use them. Techniques that have been used with great success in canopy control include SOG, SCROG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping. Purple Cookie Kush Feminized handles them all without skipping a beat.

The flavor profile of Purple Cookie Kush Feminized is almost like a full-course meal. The pairing of flavors is unique and somehow works perfectly. The taste of fresh peeled grapes sits well with the coffee and caramel elements. The indica genetics once again show their dominance with undertones of earthiness and spicy sandalwood to complete the flavor profile.

Purple Cookie Kush Feminized has an unmistakably loud grape smell. This trait is not commonly seen in cannabis, but it is fully displayed with this strain. The remainder of the terpene profile is what many would consider the finer aromatic qualities of the GSC strain.

Scents of spicy hashish float through the air, complementing the grape aroma whenever the jar is opened. Background notes of earth and sandalwood add another enjoyable layer to the terpene profile.