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Sensi Seeds Tezla OG Fem 3 pk


Hash Plant x Shiva Skunk x SFV OG


7-8 weeks flowering 

Average yield

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Tezla OG Feminized has an exquisite terpene profile that ranges from pungent to sweet. It has notes of exotic wood, candy, and coffee. Growers will spend many minutes admiring this flower’s full and complimentary nose. The numerous lateral branches produce a large number of bud sites that become filled with colorful, trichome-crusted, conical-shaped buds.

Tezla OG Feminized uses the award-winning Hash Plant, Shiva Skunk, and SFV OG to create this indica-dominant strain.

Indoor growers enjoy this plant’s low profile, which is influenced by Hash Plant’s genetics and is the likely contributor.

The SFV OG influence can be recognized in the bud structure of Tezla OG Feminized. The Shiva Skunk makes herself visible in the vigor with which this plant grows.

The growth pattern of Tezla OG Feminized

Tezla OG Feminized seeds produce a plant with both indica and sativa expressions in the plant morphology. Features like the short stature and the closely spaced internodes express a compact morphology typical to indica plants. However, the solid vigor and growth of lateral branches are more indicative of sativa genetics. Although it is a hybrid of indica and sativa genetics, these seeds are feminized, and all plants will be female.

The flowering time of Tezla OG Feminized is indicative of an indica-dominant hybrid, with a flowering duration of 55-60 days. Growers that meet the primary conditions for cannabis growth can see indoor plants reach 80-120 cm by harvest time. If the height between the ceiling, the light, and the canopy is limited, this can be an ideal indoor plant for the garden. Outdoors, plants that reach above 100 cm can be anticipated with a good season.

Tezla OG Feminized has a bud structure similar to the SFV OG. The flowers of this strain are small but plentiful. The leaf color remains a dark green until the last few weeks of flowering when purple highlights start decorating the foliage. The eye-catching buds are conical and have a very dense structure. Indoor growers with controlled environments have seen yields of 425-475 grams per m².

Outdoors, Tezla OG Feminized grows best in sunny, Mediterranean climates. Growers with warm nights and sparse rain can see yields go above 550 grams per plant. This plant is short and compact, but standard training techniques can still be applied in an effort to maximize yield or prolong the vegetative cycle. SOG, SCROG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping are all effective techniques that this plant can tolerate.

The smells in the grow room when Tezla OG Feminized is actively growing to have a mild floral scent with accents of fruity and herbal aromas. The mature terpene profile, however, is a party for the nose. Front and center in the terpene profile are pungent earthy notes that demand attention.

Sitting right next to that is a thick, odiferous layer of fresh-cut pine wood and sweet berry aromas. The background scents of this strain set it apart. Exotic sandalwood, spice, creamy caramel, and coffee all can be detected from the cured Tezla OG Feminized flowers.

Tezla OG Feminized has a slightly less complex flavor profile, but the flavors are distinct and a perfect combination for the palate. The experience begins with a sweet, zesty citrus taste, which points to the Skunk #1 far back in the parental lineage. This fresh flavor is tempered by deep, earthy notes, creating a unique combination for the taste buds. On the backend, there is a detectable essence of pine and Kush undertones.