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Seven Leaf Genetics Barack Kush Reg 12 pk


Obama Kush x Emerald Mountains Royal Spill

The Infamous Portland Obama Kush (Mendocino Purple x Bubba Kush) …bred by Nspecta, of CSI Humboldt in 2006 and sprouted, named, selected, & popularized by Red Beard/Tigard Farms of CSI Portland in 2007…. 
reverse backcrossed to the same Bubba Kush that started it all.  
Barack Kush exhibits all the classic traits of the Portland Obama with added vigor from the Royal Spill bringing a fuller body and ideal calyx-to-leaf ratio.  Mendo Bubba terps with a Kerosene fuel twist.
Flower time is 7 to 9 weeks.

In stock

In stock